Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

President’s Message August, 2014

President’s Rport

 August 11, 2014

It has been an interesting learning experience for me as a first-time president of the AOAO. I have to say that John is doing a great job managing the property which makes my job much easier than it might be.

DRAIN LINES BREAKS- The biggest issue we are facing is breaking cast iron drain lines.  There have been 12 this year, and I expect the trend will continue.  In light of that, we are establishing a policy for the AOAO regarding water leaks and the process that should be followed by homeowners when a leak is detected. We want it be very clear to owners what the role of the AOAO is in those circumstances.  More to follow.

INSURANCE- It is very important for owners to have adequate insurance coverage that will cover the cost of repairs that exceed the original as-built condition.  In the event of a common element line break, we are only responsible for repairing a unit to the original as-built condition– no upgrades.  Also, we are not responsible for relocating guests in the event of a water leak, nor will we cover lost revenue.  It is important for owners to have that type of coverage in their insurance policy.  We recommend that everyone have an H06 policy. In the event of a water leak owners should file a claim with their insurance.

WATER ALARMS- We are recommending that owners install water alarms in their units and place them by the water heater, washers and under the sink.  They are relatively inexpensive; about $15-$20.

PV PROJECT- We are moving forward with the photovoltaic project which should begin about the first of the month. We have secured funding for the project which will cost $112,000 at 3.9%.  In addition we are borrowing money to pay off our current mortgage on unit #118.  The loan of $190,000 will be paid off in 7 years.

POOL- The pool was recently acid washed and looks great.  Because this was the 5th time it has been acid washed, Maui Pool has told us they can’t do it again and are recommending that we have it resurfaced within the next 18-24 months.  We will be getting bids on the cost.   Also new caulking needs to be installed to the deck surface in the near future.

NO SMOKING POLICY- The policy has been successful for the most part.  Complaints about neighbors smoking on their lanais have gone way down. Smokers are using the smoking areas, but there are occasional violators who need to be educated.  There are a few complaints about the location of the smoking areas, but we feel the two locations serve the best interest of the AOAO as a whole.

BREAK-INS- We have had a couple of break-ins over the past few months and a few items were stolen.  We have installed additional lighting in areas that are most vulnerable.  Break-ins generally occur in the early evening when people are out to dinner or at beach watching the sunset.  You should advise your guests to  lock up whenever they leave the condo.


Bette Belanger