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KKN Gets New TV Cable and Wifi Package from Spectrum

KKN Gets New TV Cable and Wifi Package from Spectrum

Our cable TV and Internet supplier, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, has been sold to Spectrum. By the end of 2017, Spectrum will be upgrading all bulk properties, such as ours, to Standard (Digital) Service, which will require a converter box for each TV in your unit. They are offering 2 converter boxes for each unit at no extra cost, while they are installing them. (If you do not have a TV cable to your bedroom and you want one, you will have to hire someone privately to install it.) Spectrum wants to convert all services by early 2018, and they would like to install the converter boxes in all 180 KKN units by December 2017. Johnny Johnson, our manager, will be working with the company to schedule the instillation in your units.

The new bulk Digital rate will be $58.99 per unit per month. This is part of your monthly maintenance fee. The Board believes owners will be pleased with the new package, which promises more channels and better and faster wifi.

The upgraded Digital HD TV and WiFI Internet package Spectrum will be providing

  • Standard (Digital) Cable-approximately 200 + channels
  • High Definition Entertainment (HDE)
  • Music Choice and IPG (provides TV guide)
  • Two converter boxes per unit (Charge is the same for one or two boxes)
  • Ultimate 100 Internet with WIFI
  • One wireless modem

Once the bulk Standard (Digital) Cable is installed in the units and paid for through our monthly maintenance fee, owners can choose to add extra packages, phone service, or DVR. The charges for these extras will be billed to owners directly.

The extra packages an owner can add are: Digital Variety Pack, Spanish Pack, Family Choice, Sports Pass, Movie Pass, Premium Services, EPIX, Pay-Per View Movies on Demand and Premium Packages which include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and the Movie Channel.

The Converter boxes in each unit will be blocked, and an owner must obtain a pin or password from Spectrum for their unit to order extra packages. Guests cannot order extra packages while they are here on vacation. If an owner wants to provide or offer extra packages for their guest they must order them from Spectrum and have the extra charges billed to them directly.

Johnny Johnson will provide a schedule for owners with the timeline for installation.