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House Rules/Forms



Kihei Kai Nani’s House Rules require that ALL owners and rental agents notify the office when guests will be arriving.  Office staff need the dates of arrival and the dates of departure in order to ensure your unit is ready for guests and also so KKN Parking Monitor staff will be aware of guests arriving after hours.  Guests arriving after hours with no record of arrival, no paperwork, and no lockbox codes with them will be sent to a hotel for the evening.
Owners will be subject to fines when notification is not received.   Owners can notify our office by e-mailing our office manager at:


Although you own your condo owners must comply with Hawaii state laws regarding registering when they arrive.  Likewise, owner’s renting out their units need to advise guests that they have to register in the office AND obtain their parking permits.  A brief summation of Hawaii Revised Statutes areHRS486K-1 states “Hotel/Hotel-Condo” means an establishment consisting of any buiding or structure used primarily for the business of providing for transient accommodation lodging facilities and furnishing living accommodations, furniture, fixtures, laundry and concierge services.  These stays are subject to the transient accommodations tax under chapter 237D.

HRS486K-10 requires registration such that every “keeper” covered by this chapter maintaining a register in which shall inscribe the name of each and every guest renting or occupying a bedroom or apartment in such hotel-condo.  Such registration shall be preserved for a period of not less than six months from the date of department.