Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

President’s Message March 2018

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE view message as pdf Welcome Homeowners! The year 2017 was a very busy year for Kihei Kai Nani and 2018 looks to be equally busy. 1. Two New Board Members Elected At our Annual Homeowners meeting on January 27, 2018, Jeff Kern and Barry Ewing were elected to serve on the KKN Board of Directors. As a homeowner, for years Jeff has voluntarily worked on many projects around the property concerning the  plumbing and maintenance. His expertise will be very valuable to us. Barry Ewing has served on the Board as President and is very knowledgeable about Maui real

President’s Message December 15, 2017

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – June 25, 2017 DMI Management Changes Destination Maui Inc., our Management company, has relocated to a newoffice in Kihei as part of their expansion from Wailuku. Having the office inKihei is very convenient for us. The new address to send all invoices/statements and correspondence, etc. to is: Destination Maui Inc. 380 Huku Li’i Place, Suite 206 Kihei, Hawaii, (96753) Phone: 808-244-9021 Fax: 808-875-8003 Email: Website: New Account Executive, Kristen Davis, will be working with Kihei Kai Nani. She can be contacted by phone, in writing or by email at the above address. NEW Members of

President’s Message June 25, 2017

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – June 25, 2017 Lot 1A The last few months have been very eventful at Kihei Kai Nani. First, over 74% of the owners agreed to purchase Lot 1A! We only needed agreement from 67%. Five owners said no, the others abstained. DMI reports that over $1,300,000 has been paid by owners, most paying the $8,500 right away. Those who chose the $4,250 option, or chose to pay long term, will pay the remaining $200,000. We were able to secure a 7 year fixed loan at 3.9%. Coupons will be sent to those owners detailing their monthly payments. There

President’s Message March, 2017

President’s Report KKN Board Meeting Ethel Belway March, 2017 Aloha Homeowners, Management Changes During the past year we have had many changes at Kihei Kai Nani including our management personnel. The board held a special board meeting to rehire Debbie Collins for the front office. We also interviewed and hired Johnny Johnson, as our new site manager. At DMI, Nancy Price ,who was the Vice President, retired at the end of July. Nancy had been our account executive many years ago. DMI expanded their company, and we will be assigned our third new DMI account executive, John Sullivan, since last

President’s Message May 26, 2015

President’s Report KKN Board Meeting Bette Belanger May 26, 2015 Plumbing Over the past few months, our attention has been on the aging plumbing issues, and we have been learning a lot during that time. I appointed a committee consisting of Mark Wadlow (chair), Andy Tichner (board member), and Jeff Kern (owner), to investigate the situation at KKN. At first our focus was on replacing plumbing in the walls, but after hearing from experts on the topic, we started thinking about the plumbing below ground. Since we have not been experiencing as many breaks in pipes inside the walls as

President’s Message January, 2015

President’s Report Annual Owners Meeting Bette Belanger January 24, 2015 Plumbing Issue In November John Longmire and I attended a Condominium Council of Maui seminar on the topic of aging plumbing in condominiums presented by a project management firm from Oahu involved in plumbing renovation work. It was a timely topic, as we have been experiencing several pipe breaks over the past few years.  We learned that the cast iron pipe installed in the 60’s and 70’s is failing all across the Islands. In Hawaii it lasts between 35 to 50 years; KKN is about 45 years old.  Oahu is about

President’s Message August, 2014

President’s Rport  August 11, 2014 It has been an interesting learning experience for me as a first-time president of the AOAO. I have to say that John is doing a great job managing the property which makes my job much easier than it might be. DRAIN LINES BREAKS- The biggest issue we are facing is breaking cast iron drain lines.  There have been 12 this year, and I expect the trend will continue.  In light of that, we are establishing a policy for the AOAO regarding water leaks and the process that should be followed by homeowners when a leak is