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President’s Message March 2018


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Welcome Homeowners! The year 2017 was a very busy year for Kihei Kai Nani and 2018 looks to be equally busy.

1. Two New Board Members Elected

At our Annual Homeowners meeting on January 27, 2018, Jeff Kern and Barry Ewing were elected to serve on the KKN Board of Directors.

  • As a homeowner, for years Jeff has voluntarily worked on many projects around the property concerning the  plumbing and maintenance. His expertise will be very valuable to us.
  • Barry Ewing has served on the Board as President and is very knowledgeable about Maui real estate. He will be very helpful if and when any development occurs on the lot north of us.

2. 2018 Board of Directors

Ethel Belway President
Barry Ewing Vice President
DiAnne Durossette Secretary
Jose Placencia Treasurer
Wayne Braid Webpage Manager
Pat Hoskin Chair, Landscape Committee
Jeff Kern Chair, Architectural Committee

3. Smoking on Property

The Association has received multiple complaints from both owners and guests that smoke or the smell of smoke migrates into adjoining and adjacent units when people smoke inside the units. That constitutes a nuisance, interfering with other unit owners’ peaceful enjoyment of the property, as well as being a health hazard.

In addition, owners who advertise their units as nonsmoking have lost guests as a result. In addition, unfortunately some guests don’t abide by the designated smoking area requirement and smoke on the sidewalks and in the driveway.

  • When registering, guests will now be required to sign a statement in the office that they understand smoking is permitted only in the designated areas. They will be warned that if they don’t abide by that House Rule, they or the owner of their unit will be fined $50 for each violation.
  • At the Annual Owners meeting January 27, 2018, owners approved a proposal to amend the Association’s Bylaws prohibiting smoking within the units.
    That is in keeping with the 2007 state of Hawaii Attorney General’s office opinion stating that condominium projects may ban smoking in units. The AOAO already prohibits smoking in common element areas pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statues 328J-3. The Association now seeks approval of the ownership to ban smoking inside the units.
    Smoking will continue to be permitted in two designated smoking areas on the property as a courtesy to our owners and guests who smoke.
    The ballot was sent out February 28, 2018, by DMI to your email or by USPS if you did not supply your email.
    We request that you vote on the proposal by returning your signed Written Consent Form as soon as possible via fax, email, or USPS.
  • For this Bylaw amendment to pass, 67% of the owners must approve the proposal.

4. Lot 1A

At our Annual Homeowners meeting in January, we had just finished mediating with the developers of Lot 1A and had purchased it. We could not, however, inform our owners until the developers duly informed their partners in February.

We were very pleased that at the Annual Homeowners meeting and walkaround, Jeff Kern was able to present the display of photos, documents, and information the Board had presented at the 2017 mediation. Owners could see firsthand the extent of flooding during rainstorms and why it was so important that we stop any future development. The purchase of Lot 1 A was finalized July 28, 2017.

At the January 24, 2018, Board meeting, the Board voted to erect a fence on our new north property line before any development occurs to the lot north of us. We will also rebuild the guard grate at the drainage culvert to prevent debris from entering our driveway during flooding and rainstorms.

5. Spectrum and Maintenance Fees

Spectrum Cable Company has completed installation of the new TV and Wi Fi service in all the units. Some owners and guests have complained about the complexity of the new remotes Spectrum provided. Owners may request a simpler remote from Spectrum at no cost. That remote comes with operating instructions. We hope everyone will be satisfied with the new service.

Remember: If you want to have a TV installed in your bedroom, you will need to install an RG-6 cable and call Spectrum. The cost of the installation is $49.

6. Landscaping

Before the January Board meeting, the Landscaping Committee and several owners met with Island Plant and Johnny Johnson to discuss plans for changes and improvements to the landscaping.

Since we now own Lot 1A, some landscaping needs to be done on the culvert drainage inlet.

Trees that were not maintained by the previous owners need to be to be pruned to remove dead limbs, both for the  health of the trees and for owner and guest safety.

Several palm trees too tall to climb and trim will need to be removed and replaced with new palms.

7. Surfboards and Paddle Boards

During the January Board Meeting, board storage provided by KKN for owners was discussed. Some owners have requested more storage because the current storage area is full. The Board approved a motion to move all the surfboards and paddle boards to two storage cages located on Lot 1A near the car wash.

New storage for surfboards, located by the car wash
Surfboard and paddle board owners using the new storage cages will be required to register their boards in the office and pay a fee of $25 a year for their storage, to help defray the cost of the cages.

Boards currently stored in the former board location will be deemed abandoned.

Those boards will be removed from the property.

8. Website

The KKN website can now be accessed by using or
Director Wayne Braid has posted the dates of the 2018 Board Meetings and the 2019 Annual Homeowners meeting. Please check our website often to find out what is happening and what is new!

9. DESTINATION MAUI Relocation Reminder

Our Management company, Destination Maui Inc., is now located in North Kihei.
This is the new address for sending all invoices/statements/correspondence and so on.

Destination Maui Inc.
380 Huku Li’I Place, Suite 206
Kihei, Hawaii 6753
Phone 808-244-9021
Fax 808-875-8003

As of October 2017, our new Account Executive Tracie Sweetman will be working with Kihei Kai Nani. She can be contacted by writing or emailing to the above address.

On behalf of the Board, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2018!
Ethel Belway, President

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