Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

Manager’s Report April 9, 2018

Projects and Repairs on the Property over the Past Month


  • Installation of 2 more electric dryers
  • Repair of handle on big washer

Trees and Plants

  • Removal of 2 Coconut Palms and 2 Washington Palms
  • Designation of 4 more palms for removal
  • Addition of Hibiscus plants between buildings 1 and 2
  • Bids for Lot 1-A tree trimming


  • Replacement of handrail going up the stairs to building 10
  • Temporary repair of handrail from building 5 to building 6


  • Installation of walkway from parking lot to walkway between buildings 9 and 10


  • Preliminary repair of rain gutters on building 2


  • Repair of building lighting and ground lighting on building 2

Surfboard Storage

  • Relocation of surfboardstorage to an area by Lot 1-A
  • Addition of second surfboard storage area

– Johnny Johnson, Manager