Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

KKN Site Managers Annual Report 1/20/15

Kihei Kai Nani Site Managers Annual Report

1/20/14 to 1/20/15

Site Manager: John Longmire

Complex maintenance

Daily cleaning and care of pool, pool area and laundry room/bathroom area. Painting touch up common element walls, railings etc. Electrical repair of ground and entry lighting, weekly cleaning of BBQ and stairwells, repair of pavilion deck rails, in house roof patch bldg.8, monthly cleaning of all building roofs and drains. Maint. of solar electric panels on bldg.5, asphalt patch of parking lot. Repainting and striping of parking lot. When needed, irrigation emergency repair and landscaping repair. ETC. +


Photovoltaic project with Rising Sun Solar.

Entry way tear up and new non-skid paint surface, of all entry ways, KKN staff.

Roofing projects with Rain Pro, bldg.12, resurface of walking deck and top roof repair.

Refurbishing of our laundry room pool bath area, paint, new sink, toilet wash basin.

Plumbing project with RVS Construction, replacement of sewer waste lines in units and building’s.

Staff Training

Emergency response for hurricane and tsunami disaster.

First Aid/CPR-AED training.

Manager training. OSHA, hasmat.

CCM meetings.


All current employees are doing well and enjoy working at KKN.

Chris Kish, left the weekend front desk position (after 6+yrs.) to spend more week end time with his son. Shane Bauerlein was hired to replace him in December, and has been a good addition to our staff.


I have learned a lot this year, working with our Board members and our managing agent DMI, both have been very supportive and professional.


Communication and information are the key to a good owner manager relationship, and this has been my focus this past year. Also updating and educating our owners about our website, this is great way to get the latest info available.

House Rules and incidents

Establishing and enforcing a designated smoking area, has been the biggest challenge.

Also remodel and repair upgrades of owner units, more owners are notifying our office and filling out an upgrade request.

Our BOD is working on some amended hse. Rules.

Communication here is key; I like to talk with an owner or guest, before it gets to the point of a fine. (Common sense and logic work best).

We had 12 hse. Rule violation warnings.

We had 3 hse. Rule violation fines.

We had 2 break-in theft incidents.

MPD on property 7 times.

Multiple late night noise warnings.

Multiple must register/parking pass warnings.

*Overall our guest registration is up from last year, an improvement for sure.

Going forward

We have some major projects for the current and upcoming year, I would like to thank “ALL” for your continued support, communication, and education. I look forward to a “Great” year. Always remember to give me a call or send me an email with any concerns or suggestions.

Warmest Mahalo ,
John Longmire , KKN Site Manager
(808) 879-1430 office
(808) 879-8965 fax
(808) 870-3893 cell