Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

KKN Site Manager Report – September 2015

Site Manager’s Report

Month of September 2015

Prepared By: Christopher Novak

Plumbing Issues:

v  Building # 11, Unit # 245, Fit It Bob had the bathroom walls opened and had the Site Manager come inspect.

v  SM contacted Jeff Kern to go in and see if all was good or not. Jeff contacted Gus to go inspect and to address the plumbing issue. Fit It Bob, again contacted the SM a few weeks later wanted to know the decision for # 245 because the owner needed everything done by Oct. 7th.

v  SM reached out to Gus and found that Gus didn’t have this unit on his schedule for the coming week or the next. I expressed to Gus that the unit needed to be closed up and ready for new people to stay by October 7th Gus said to go ahead and close it up and that he will have his crew deal with it from #145 when they are in that unit.

v  Building # 8, whole building, the new sewer line and water line was completed on Thursday September 24th

Electrical Issues:

v  Nothing to report at this time on the common area electrical

Pool Fence:

v  Wednesday Sept. 23rd SM called David’s Fencing and spoke with the person in charge of scheduling our new fence, the fence is still 2 to 3 weeks from being shipped from the mainland.

v  Materials needed to construct a CMU block have been ordered at Lowe’s

v  Maintenance Staff will be building the new CMU wall with Jeff Kern overseeing the project.

v  Will have the CMU block wall done prior to the railing fence being installed

Unit # 118: (resident manager’s unit)

v  Dishwasher was replaced by Maintenance staff.

v  Screen Door (patio) lock was replaced.

v  Renter of #118 is happy with the both.

Feral Cats Issues:

v  3 cats have been caught and removed from the property during the month of September.

v  There is still a presence of several cats

v  Site Manager ordered 3 new cat trap cages. This will speed up capturing and removing these cats from the property.

v  New Cat Traps on property and being used, feral cats were caught the first hour of being put out.

Storage of Gasoline and Propane Tanks:

v  Currently both are stored down below inside the Pavilion it’s a enclosed structure

v  Looking for the proper storage cage the tanks need to be stored in outdoors.

Maintenance Shop: (underneath the Pavilion)

v  More organization is going to be needed.

v  SM will be working with the Maintenance Staff

Mid-Pacific Pest:

v  Tenting of the pavilion and office building is being scheduled Monday October 12, 2015


v  On Sept. 11th at the Landscape Committee meeting, SM suggested in putting redwood planters fronting the kiosk for displaying annual and holiday flowers by doing this it will improve the curb appeal at the front entrance area of the KKN property.

v  Within the first two weeks in October the planters will be put into place

Pool Shower & Foot Faucet:

v  Had the Foot Faucet would not turn off, had to turn off water to the pool shower.

v  KKN Maintenance fixed and now works