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KKN Plumbing Update – August,  2017

KKN Plumbing Update – August,  2017

The KKN Board of Directors is charged with making sure our monthly owner’s dues are used wisely and that our 1970’s property is maintained, repaired and kept in good condition.

During the past few years many owners have witnessed the deterioration of our aging cast iron pipes inside the wall between the kitchen and the bathroom. Initially our approach was to replace the badly cracked and corroded  common element cast iron pipes as leaks occurred, but  since emergency repairs and replacements are more costly and disruptive to both owners and guests, we began replacing pipes whenever we had the opportunity to enter a unit that was being remodeled, and whenever possible, we replaced the pipes in the entire stack of units from top to bottom.  Owners paid a special assessment several years ago to do this, so If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, please notify the office since the pipes will be exposed. Our manager, Johnny Johnson, will inspect them and arrange for our plumber to change the common element cast iron pipes at that time, at no added expense to you.

This summer we will be doing a High Risk Component Inspection in each unit to examine all the water related items that could leak and cause damage – especially the hot water heaters. If your water heater is 10 years old, you should consider replacing it before it leaks and causes damage to your unit and the units below you, as you will be responsible for any damage a leaking water heater causes in those units. You should have a pan under your water heater, and we suggest you purchase an alarm that will sound if your heater leaks.

We highly recommend you consider replacing your old water heater with an On Demand Water Heater.  You will eliminate the danger of a leak and save on your electricity bill, since your heater will only turn on when needed.

At the 2015 Homeowners meeting, a contractor made a presentation causing us to question the condition of the sewer lines under each building.  The Board had all the sewer lines inspected by a licensed plumber.  They were videoed, scoped and cabled to determine their condition.  We were relieved to learn that there were no major cracks or problems found. The plumber determined the sewer line would continue to have a useful life for a number of years ahead. The inspection also revealed that some repairs were needed to the clean outs at the ends of each building. This work has been completed.

We want to thank owner Jeff Kern for his contributions to the project, including recording all the plumbing work accomplished on DVDs and making a diagram of the repairs for future use.

This year we have finally completed replacing the water lines to all the buildings and have connected them to the main water line under the driveway.

We believe that by remaining proactive we will continue to keep our property upgraded and a wonderful place to live and visit for many years to come. Kihei Kai Nani no ka oi!