Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

High-Risk Components Resolution

Attention Owners

You will recall the Board of Directors of Kihei Kai Nani passed a high risk component resolution in May of 2016.

The Board of Directors believes that it is in the best interest of the Association to identify high-risk components and to implement certain requirements with regard to those high-risk components in accordance with Chapter 514B.

Chapter 514B, Hawaii Revised Statutes, states:

“… the Board of Directors, after notice to all unit owners and an opportunity for owner comment, may determine that certain portions of units, or certain objects or appliances within the units such as washing machine hoses, plumbing fixtures, toilets and water heaters, pose a particular risk of damage to other units or the common elements if they are not properly inspected, maintained, repaired, or replaced by owners (“high-risk components”) … “.

The following portions of the units or objects or appliances within the units were designated as high-risk components:

  1. All water supply and shutoff valves within the apartment units.
  2. All waste outlet toilet seals within the apartment units.
  3. All appliance hoses and/or water supply lines within the apartment units.
  4. All faucets, toilets, tub/shower head systems and water heaters.

Please be advised that RVS Construction will begin the unit trouble inspection during the third week of August. We would ask that you please make your unit available and inform your renters should you need to.

RVC Construction will start with Building #1 and finish with Building #13.

Thank you for your co operation .

We would also draw to your attention the pool deck will be cleaned in mid- August currently scheduled for August 10th and 11th. Please note the pool will be closed from 5PM until 12:00 noon the following day in order to provide this necessary maintenance.