Kihei Kai Nani AOAO

Lot 1A Purchase Complete

Aloha Owners Your Board of Directors is pleased to advise that the escrow company has notified us that the purchase of Lot 1A is now complete. The Board wishes to thank all of the owners for supporting the purchase of Lot 1A and the Board is appreciative of your response to sending in your assessment funds so promptly. We will now begin to look at options of what we should do with Lot 1A (if anything) and we welcome your input, if you would like to make a suggestion or have an idea please use the form below.

Ballot for Lot 1-A Purchase

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – March 23, 2017 Ballot for Lot 1-A Purchase  Dear Owners: As you know, the Board of Directors for the Association has recommended the purchase of Lot 1-A to settle pending litigation concerning the development of a hotel complex on Lot 1-A. In order to complete the purchase, we need you to return the attached ballot with your approval, as soon as possible. At least 121 apartment owners must approve the purchase.  Purchasing Lot 1-A will assure that the ambience and peaceful environment of our Kihei Kai Nani condominium will prevail and that our parking lot and driveway

Planning Commission Notice May 2015

Summary of Planning Commission Discussion of New Condo Project Above Kihei Kai Nani on June 9, 2015 Planning Commission Discussion of New Condo Project Above Kihei Kai Nani. The Planning Commission will be discussing the Nani Loa  draft Environmental Assessment at their June 9 meeting and they will accept public testimony. You may want to review their Assessment  before attending. This is an important chance to make your objections known publicly. You can find that online at OEQC, look under EA library , 2010, Maui. Here’s the agenda for the PC meeting.

New Condo Notice May 2015

A New Condo Project Has Been Proposed  Above Kihei Kai Nani. KKN Owners, An article appeared on the front page of the May 12, 2015 Maui News about a planned condominium complex to be built on Lot 1-A, which is directly behind Kihei Kai Nani.  Victory Development has filed a SMA (Special Management Area) permit application with the county.  The SMA process requires several county and state departments to review and sign off on the permit.  They are in the early stages of the review process. As you may or may not know, Lot 1-A is landlocked and has an

Lot 1A Purchase Option

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – February 24, 2017 Option to Purchase Lot 1A  ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF APARTMENT OWNERS OF KIHEI KAI NANI ALOHA, FELLOW OWNERS: As you are aware, Victory Development Nani Loa LLC announced its intention to develop a 39-unit hotel complex on the property directly above our property (“Lot 1A”), including a plan to use our parking lot for construction traffic, and for its utilities, as well as for long-term access for the hotel occupants. The construction and long-term use of the hotel complex would seriously harm our property and each