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KKN Site Manager Report – September 2015

Site Manager’s Report Month of September 2015 Prepared By: Christopher Novak Plumbing Issues: v  Building # 11, Unit # 245, Fit It Bob had the bathroom walls opened and had the Site Manager come inspect. v  SM contacted Jeff Kern to go in and see if all was good or not. Jeff contacted Gus to go inspect and to address the plumbing issue. Fit It Bob, again contacted the SM a few weeks later wanted to know the decision for # 245 because the owner needed everything done by Oct. 7th. v  SM reached out to Gus and found that Gus didn’t have this unit

KKN Site Manager Report – May 2015

May, 2015          KKN Managers Report Aloha owners, its summer time at the Kihei Kai Nani! As we all know summer time is our slow season, this is when we do our “Property projects” and yearly maintenance. Our dedicated staff takes pride in keeping the Kihei Kai Nani in good shape. This is also the time when many owners do upgrades, remodels and deep cleaning (please stay in touch with our front desk, so “we know what’s going on”), and for any remodels you must fill out our upgrade check list. If you have a ground floor unit and want to

KKN Site Managers Annual Report 1/20/15

Kihei Kai Nani Site Managers Annual Report 1/20/14 to 1/20/15 Site Manager: John Longmire Complex maintenance Daily cleaning and care of pool, pool area and laundry room/bathroom area. Painting touch up common element walls, railings etc. Electrical repair of ground and entry lighting, weekly cleaning of BBQ and stairwells, repair of pavilion deck rails, in house roof patch bldg.8, monthly cleaning of all building roofs and drains. Maint. of solar electric panels on bldg.5, asphalt patch of parking lot. Repainting and striping of parking lot. When needed, irrigation emergency repair and landscaping repair. ETC. + Projects Photovoltaic project with Rising

Plumbing Update – February, 2015

KKN Plumbing Update February, 2015 In November John Longmire and I attended a Condominium Council of Maui seminar on the topic of aging  plumbing in condominiums presented by a project management firm from Oahu involved in plumbing renovation work. It was a timely topic, as we have been experiencing several pipe breaks over the past few years.  We learned that the cast iron pipe installed in the 60’s and 70’s is failing all across the Islands. In Hawaii it lasts between 35 to 50 years; KKN is about 45 years old.  Oahu is about 10 years ahead of us in