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House Rules/Forms/Clarifications

House Rules/Forms KKN House Rules 2017 KKN House Rules Addendum 2017 KKN Unit Upgrade Checklist KKN Key Permission Form   NOTIFY KKN OFFICE OF GUEST ARRIVALS Kihei Kai Nani’s House Rules require that ALL owners and rental agents notify the office when guests will be arriving.  Office staff need the dates of arrival and the dates of departure in order to ensure your unit is ready for guests and also so KKN Parking Monitor staff will be aware of guests arriving after hours.  Guests arriving after hours with no record of arrival, no paperwork, and no lockbox codes with them will be sent to

President’s Message June 25, 2017

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – June 25, 2017 Lot 1A The last few months have been very eventful at Kihei Kai Nani. First, over 74% of the owners agreed to purchase Lot 1A! We only needed agreement from 67%. Five owners said no, the others abstained. DMI reports that over $1,300,000 has been paid by owners, most paying the $8,500 right away. Those who chose the $4,250 option, or chose to pay long term, will pay the remaining $200,000. We were able to secure a 7 year fixed loan at 3.9%. Coupons will be sent to those owners detailing their monthly payments. There

Ballot for Lot 1-A Purchase

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – March 23, 2017 Ballot for Lot 1-A Purchase  Dear Owners: As you know, the Board of Directors for the Association has recommended the purchase of Lot 1-A to settle pending litigation concerning the development of a hotel complex on Lot 1-A. In order to complete the purchase, we need you to return the attached ballot with your approval, as soon as possible. At least 121 apartment owners must approve the purchase.  Purchasing Lot 1-A will assure that the ambience and peaceful environment of our Kihei Kai Nani condominium will prevail and that our parking lot and driveway

President’s Message March, 2017

President’s Report KKN Board Meeting Ethel Belway March, 2017 Aloha Homeowners, Management Changes During the past year we have had many changes at Kihei Kai Nani including our management personnel. The board held a special board meeting to rehire Debbie Collins for the front office. We also interviewed and hired Johnny Johnson, as our new site manager. At DMI, Nancy Price ,who was the Vice President, retired at the end of July. Nancy had been our account executive many years ago. DMI expanded their company, and we will be assigned our third new DMI account executive, John Sullivan, since last

KKN Site Manager Report – September 2015

Site Manager’s Report Month of September 2015 Prepared By: Christopher Novak Plumbing Issues: v  Building # 11, Unit # 245, Fit It Bob had the bathroom walls opened and had the Site Manager come inspect. v  SM contacted Jeff Kern to go in and see if all was good or not. Jeff contacted Gus to go inspect and to address the plumbing issue. Fit It Bob, again contacted the SM a few weeks later wanted to know the decision for # 245 because the owner needed everything done by Oct. 7th. v  SM reached out to Gus and found that Gus didn’t have this unit

KKN Site Manager Report – May 2015

May, 2015          KKN Managers Report Aloha owners, its summer time at the Kihei Kai Nani! As we all know summer time is our slow season, this is when we do our “Property projects” and yearly maintenance. Our dedicated staff takes pride in keeping the Kihei Kai Nani in good shape. This is also the time when many owners do upgrades, remodels and deep cleaning (please stay in touch with our front desk, so “we know what’s going on”), and for any remodels you must fill out our upgrade check list. If you have a ground floor unit and want to

President’s Message May 26, 2015

President’s Report KKN Board Meeting Bette Belanger May 26, 2015 Plumbing Over the past few months, our attention has been on the aging plumbing issues, and we have been learning a lot during that time. I appointed a committee consisting of Mark Wadlow (chair), Andy Tichner (board member), and Jeff Kern (owner), to investigate the situation at KKN. At first our focus was on replacing plumbing in the walls, but after hearing from experts on the topic, we started thinking about the plumbing below ground. Since we have not been experiencing as many breaks in pipes inside the walls as